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Construction Gallery

Adobe is used in buildings all around the world - from the historical to those right here in Albuquerque! Browse these pictures for examples of different styles, methods, and ideas.

Work by John McEvoy in New Mexico
Decorative adobe and door
Adobe and glass block

New Mexico Earth in the winter snow, 2010
Close up of adobes in the snow
Snow capped our delivery trucks and unstacked adobes

Harry Pozas' House, New Mexico, 2010
Adobe wall
Another view of the wall

The Rakestraw Residence in New Mexico. An adobe home in the making
Rakestraw Residence, Reserve, NM, Summer 2010
A close up of the artfully done walls

A casita by Noah, one of our guest builders at the 2010 Solar Fiesta
Noah and his casita

Adobe Sundial This sundial was made in the spring of 2010 by students of the UNM honors program. The student used hand-made adobes. In this picture it is nearly four o'clock.
Adobe podium and hour markers with a wooden nomen



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